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This is my art blog. Everything on here is art created by me, whether original, commissions, or fanart.

Commissions are Currently Open

Help an artist out. This year has been total crap on my finances.


one of the 3 prelims I worked on today. Will probably finish the top one on my list tomorrow for teadrinkingdragon and then work on more prelims. I’m actually getting shit done again ahhh. Sorry for the delays all.


I loved drawing this piece! This is for amandakitswell's story One Willing To Be So Brave for the Dragon Age Big Bang. Teagan and her Arais Amell have such a great chemistry together. I decided to illustrate an extremely important moment between the two, but if I told you exactly what it was that would be spoilers. ;)

Took a break from work tonight to draw Precious BB Podrick Payne from last nights episode. It’s a messy 30 minute sketch in Photoshop CC and Idk what is drawing hair but I like it. Captured what I wanted in his expression. Which was adorbz. Might do another one some day that captures his freckles.

Commission Complete! Merrill and Sebastian from Dragon Age 2 for teadrinkingdragon! This turned out so adorable! This is the first of two commissions for teadrinkingdragon! ^_^

Commissions are currently Open


Fer and I are taking a roadtrip to Boston next month where we will spend one day at PaxEast and the rest being tourists! Due to some expenses that were unexpected this month draining some of my savings for the trip, I’ve decided to reopen commissions! My grandmother was told that she could no longer drive and she gave me her car, which cost me over $200 in insurance and registration fees.

For now all will be shoulder up, unless you request two characters with a significant height difference. Intricate clothing and armor (like the Grey Warden uniforms) will cost extra. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

Price List:

  • Quicksketch (B&W or Monochromatic): $8, no addition characters available.
  • Black & White Portrait: $16, +$4 for addition characters
  • Full Color Portrait: $25, +$5 for addition characters.

I am slow. I wish I were faster. It could take 2 to 3 months before your commission is complete.

All payment is due once subject is agreed upon through Paypal. References whether other artists work, faceclaims, and/or game screenshots are necessary.

I will be taking 10 Quicksketch Commission and 6 of the other types at this time. I still currently have a queue from the last time I opened commissions. If the amount I currently have on my plate will influence your decision, you can view my current queue here: 

Once your commission is accepted it will be placed in the above queue.

If you are interested please fill out THIS FORM. If you want to see more examples of my work, please visit my art blog, MenaArt.

Thanks folks, and even if you don’t want anything right now a signal boost would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t seen Fer in over a year, and this trip will allow us to spend some much needed time together. If you don’t want a commission but want to help out, I do have a donate button on my front page. <3 

Completed Commission: Quicksketch. Nijole Brosca for @mrspentaghast

Went to Prelim this one and ended up getting so much done on it I finished it.

Attn those who have commissioned me.

Working on Prelims and Quicksketches today, so everyone who has paid should see something in their email today.

Please take a look at my Commissions Listing, and if you don’t see your name please send me an email. I forgot someone last time i had a large batch and I don’t want that to happen again!

I will also be opening commissions again later today to raise some money for the roadtrip coming up next month, so stay tuned!

Welp me and mom went into the comic shop at the mall toda (we went mall walking for exercise). We were the only customers in the entire store and we were never greeted. I was looking to see if they had Agent of Asgard. Me and my mom scanned the wall twice. One of the dudes walked past us and it really felt like he was purposefully avoiding eye contact.

I mean come on. We were obviously looking for something. This is not the first time I’ve felt completely unwelcome there. May say something on their Facebook page once we get home.

Might be done!! Alistair ( based on mods) and Moira for kinlochhold. Will scan in tomorrow after approval.

Wip commission for kinlochhold.